doctor who wallpaper

Copyright Susan Ogden

Yes….i know that some of you think this is rather creepy. Decrepit…and spooky, probably too. Given the history of it, i can see why you might think that, but it really has ingrained itself into my soul. There is just something about it that appeals to me, that i cannot explain. It has a good feel….good bones. In spite of it being used by a doctor who liked to try and treat the violently mentally insane…it has a feel to it of a place that was not ever evil or foreboding. Like maybe it was a pleasant place at one time…snippets of pretty and identical pale pink and pale blue vintage wallpapers in 2 of the bedrooms give a hint of perhaps a family with a son and a daughter…
This place stirs the imagination in me. What was. What might have been. Why is it abandoned? Why is it not being saved as a testament to the past? Why can’t i be independently wealthy and have fun restoring this as an artist retreat!!? Yeah….that is exactly what i would like to know!

Do not be afraid:) I love this house!!

Posted by thruthelookingglass on 2014-07-22 15:52:07